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Spring Brings Multi Species

Spring is a fun time to be on the water fishing, as many varieties of fish can be caught while fishing the same typical areas. Waters are warming and fish are moving into their spawning ritual, making for a great time to be out there catching them.

Certain bodies of water harbor different species at some different times and after keeping track of these things over the last few years, this allows you to predict what they are doing and where they may be a little bit easier. Busy day planned with 3 bodies of water to fish and fishing for three different fish.

Morning trip; weather has been cool, wet and windy to say the least, water temps are behind a bit compared to normal. Water clarity is very dark and water depths shallow allowing for higher temps compared more than others.

Bass is on the agenda and working the shallow shoreline structure with jigworm combinations, proves to finding these fish. Definitely had to present the bait right up against the shoreline as they were relating to any of the very shallow weeds. Northland Impulse Nightcrawler and Core Swimbaits worked their magic.

Afternoon trip; my son had the opportunity of going out with a buddy of his and do some saltwater fishing for stripers. The area that they fish is a “sound” behind the mainland that is an area that many streams and rivers dump into before moving through the channel out into the ocean.

They fished the high tide, anchored their boat and casted weighted clams for bait. Didn’t take them long and they had a nice striper in the boat and have to admit that, I may have to have them take me out to catch some of these one of these days. They weren’t out there very long but did also catch a number of crabs that were chewing on their clams.

Evening trip; this evening found us on another lake fishing from shore where the bluegill are preparing for the spawn. You couldn’t see them from shore, but placing the right casts out, there were pods of fish and these were nicer sized and hard fighting.

Tungsten jigs tipped with plastics fished 18 inches underneath a float fished on ultralights makes these fish feel like giants. Nothing like the fight of a large bluegill, they hold their own against many of the other species that we fish for, for a fun time on the water.

Spring definitely is a fun time for being on the water as there are such a variety of fish that can be caught. Once they finish their spring ritual, many of them start moving more offshore and may be harder to find, but good electronics and knowledge of your lakes structure, will keep you on them throughout the summer months.

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