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Pronghorn Success

Is chasing trophy pronghorn on the, to do, outdoor bucket list? Here are a few tips that will make your trip successful.

OPTICS- I use Swarovski binoculars on all my hunts, I know many people do not agree with paying thousands of dollars for a set of binoculars, however, they have truly changed the way I hunt, they are so awesome I no longer carry a spotting scope and the clarity is amazing. Field judging an antelope is not easy, often times you are trying to pay close detail to relatively small horns at a thousand yards. Optics is where it’s at, without good optics you have a possibility of wasting half a day chasing a pronghorn that is not shooter.

Practice makes perfect….shoot your gun as often as you can prior to the season opener. Shoot from uncomfortable angles, off barbwire fences and any other position you might find yourself in. Shoot up hill, downhill and in extreme wind. Know your gun and shoot 400-600 yards on a regular basis.

Pre-season scouting- Check out the land, find the pronghorn and figure out where they go to water.

If you see a rutting pronghorn buck, give him a closer look. He’s running satellite bucks off for a reason, he’s big.

Use the 15 second rule when you get within range of a buck. If you look into your scope and set your sights on a buck and you can’t decide if he’s a shooter in less than 15 seconds… don’t shoot him. You will find one that you KNOW is a shooter immediately when you see him.

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