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Feeding Frenzy

Location: Northern MN

Water Temps/Conditions: 55.7 Degrees, light south winds

Air Temp: 60 Degrees +/-

Presentation: Northland Puppet Minnow 9/16oz & Northland Fireball Jigs 1/4oz

Fall fishing is one of the most fantastic bites a person can get on. With highly active fish filling up for the winter months ahead and the lack of boat traffic, it’s the best time of the year for a relaxing day.

During this past weekend, I had the opportunity to rip Northland Puppet Minnows in search of any hungry species and was surely not disappointed. Having expectations of fish locations according to the time of the year and water temps, the log book that I’ve kept for the past few years had held true.

Working water depths from 25-32 feet and following larger schools of fish, I was able to snag into some tankers and keep my boat guests happy with many tight lines. When the highly active bite using the Puppet Minnows slowed down towards dark, we shifted gears to use my personal favorite presentation, a Northland Fireball Jig and fathead minnow.

Slowly dragging the jigs just off of the bottom and allowing the minnow to give all the action to the jig, the finicky fish seemed to enjoy the less mobile snack. Bringing a few different presentations along will allow you to adapt to the changing conditions that fall days often bring and in turn increasing your success rate. Get out there and enjoy some of the best fishing of the year before the ice comes.

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