A Simple Plan

A Simple Plan: When searching for those mid-summer crappies, keep your plan simple. Sometimes finding them doesn’t take long if you know where to look. I will always work shallow weeds and weed lines at the depth of 7-12FOW. It’s hard to believe that crappies and even bluegills will hold in that structure and that shallow. But, they do and big ones too. Granted, the deep basins will hold suspended pan fish as well, but you’ll have to cover some ground finding them. Location: Like I said, I’ll start in primary hot spots that have good vegetation and structure. The most common area that I start working is a shallow flat surrounded by a deep basin. Work the flat and also work the outside weed

Marion Reservoir Small Mouth

Marmion Reservoir Small Mouths Summer time offers a fantastic opportunity to catch Small Mouth bass in Northwestern Ontario. Located just north of Atikokan, Ontario. The Marmion chain is a huge maze of flooded timber, crazy Canadian Shield topography and an amazing experience. HSM's newest team member Shane Wepruk and I decided to check this body of water in search of smallies for an upcoming tournament that Shane fishes each season. The day did not disappoint. We found bass situated on main lake structure in depths ranging from 14-26 feet of water. Water temps ranged from 71-74. Our best presentations by far were a wacky rigged senko and various minnow presentations either fished on a jig h

Mid-Summer Spinner Tactics

Northland Tackle: Mid-Summer Spinner Tactics Live bait fishing with minnows, leeches, or night crawlers on spinner rigs is nothing new in the walleye world. However, the tackle that is currently on the market has vastly improved over the years. All sorts of blade style’s, size’s, and colors are available now a days. One particular manufacture leads the way in tackle development and that is Minnesota’s own Northland Tackle Company. Northland Tackle has developed a fantastic lineup for all your fishing needs. One of the area’s they are very strong in is the traditional spinner rig. While they do offer pre-tied rigs with every combination of blade design available, they also offer components so

Summer Trolling for Crappies!

Summer Trolling for Crappies Location: Alexandria Area Water Temp: 73-78 degrees Conditions: SW Wind at 25-30mph Presentation: Salmo #3 Hornets The summertime patterns are in full swing for pan fish in the Alexandria area. The bite on several lakes is excellent and I had the chance to get out to do some scouting during the week. When most anglers are walleye fishing, don’t forget about the pan fish bite. One of the best patterns and techniques is trolling the middle and deep structure weed lines. This can be an excellent way to catch big bluegills and slab crappies. The reason I like it is that I can cover more water and can pin point where the fish are along the weed lines. Presentation:

Let the Good Times Roll!

Let the Good Times Roll Location: Rainy Lake Water Temp: 69 degrees Target species: Black Crappie Depth: 19-23ft Method: Vertical jigging, Bobber rigging After a major storm front rolls on by you can often be rewarded with great fishing success in the summer months. Targeting Black Crappies around submerged wood is a solid way to put fish in your boat. Today the fish were scattered in the vicinity of this wood and were rather picky. It was necessary to down size in the beginning from a traditional 1/8 oz painted jig to a 1/64th Northland Tackle firefly jig. Live bait after a front is a great thing to have aboard as it tends to out fish plastic when the crappies are picky. We caught sever

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