Still on the Prowl

Still on the Ice, Still on the Prowl With the rest of the lakes in the Black Hills currently open, one lake remains iced over against the backdrop of open water. Deerfield Reservoir sits higher than many of the lakes here and as such, is the one of the last ones to melt. Thankfully with a few days here and there where the temps got below or at freezing in town, the lake has maintained its hard ice though some areas are beginning to weaken, mostly on the far west side of the lake and along some of the shorelines. Despite some bites happening at other lakes currently open, if given the option of hitting the ice or the open water, I will always choose the ice as long as it's safe. Hitting up

Ice Out Crappies.

Location: Alexandria Area Conditions:Party Cloudy Target: Ice Out Crappies Let the Games Begin. It's funny how each year starts out different and of course,this year the ice came off early and quickly. Especially on the smaller to mid-sized lakes in the Alexandria Area. Yesterday I started to scout lakes by shore fishing and it was a bust. The thought went through my head, what is the water temp.? So, I decided to just get home and get the "red rocket" ready for today so I could get a better idea where we were at as far as water temp.goes. With the mornings colder, I started the day around 11:00am to let it warm up some and after reading my fishing journal, I knew where and what lake I wa

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